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Hi Im Seagull/peter


Most of my life Ive had spirits come to me, some just to talk, some to poke and prod me, but I though this is too much to tell most people, besides my wife and a few friends and some family members, until my wife introduced me to Tarn and we went to investigate Gladstone Gaol with others, I got to find out there was a name for the things I hear/see or feel, I was told I was a MEDIUM, Wow! that makes perfect sense! Anyway went with Haunted Horizons to Torrens Island Quarantine Station, it was GREAT! I got to make sense of the words spoken to me (spirits) and still managed to get poked and prodded! I need more now, cant wait for the next adventure! It was great to meet Alison and all the other crew, Hope to meet again soon! SEAGULL/peter         

Hi Seagull,

Sorry for the delay in welcoming you to the forum.  I sheepishly admit I haven't been on here for a while and for some reason my own forum doesn't let me know that there is a post.  I will endeavour to get on here more often though to keep an eye on things :)


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