Author Topic: Torrens Island Quarantine Station  (Read 3242 times)

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Torrens Island Quarantine Station
« on: December 24, 2013, 02:28:07 PM »
Seagull/peter here, went on a great AHH investigation tour at Torrens Island Quarantine Station 15th December, went into one house and there was a spirit of a boy between 12 to 16yrs old he was saying he got bashed, when I asked where he poked me hard under my right ribs (again with the poking!) it hurt for 2 days, anyway we were (the others & I) talking in one of the door frames and this young spirit decides to pull the hairs from my leg! I asked him why he got bashed he replied CHEEKY, go figure. Anyway proceeded to the next house didn't feel anything until I walked into the kitchen I got this massive headache and the spirit telling me to "GET OUT OR I'LL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF" got no argument there Im out, next went to the two storey house a lot more calmer there, a women put her hands on my shoulders (it was gentle) then we went to the kitchen the spirit of this women said her kitchen nice aint it, I started laughing because all I saw was dust and a messy room, Whoops didn't feel her after that. Went into most of the buildings and then into the boiler room building as we had to wait for the other group to leave, they told us there was activity in the small room at the side so I decided to run off 10 shots a second on my camera and after checking, nothing, nothing, nothing,  black blur, nothing, nothing, etc., I said gotcha ya bugger and the windows started rattling and shacking maybe he is camera shy but at least he was annoyed I got him on camera! Well turned out to be a GREAT day, hoping to catch up with every one next year. Seagull/peter.