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Taliem Town


When I was at old taliem town during the day in the church we walked to the front and we had nausea and we ran out crying!
Any explanations?

It is possible the spirit that died or is associated with the building suffered from illness or depression, as you pass into the spirits area (realm) you can feel the emotions of the spirit ? Seagull/peter   

Sort of sad but I don't really know the story behind taliem town!

Hi Matty,
Many of the buildings in Tailem Town, people feel this.  In particular the Church, The Emporium and also the Hotel.  Nausea and off balance is common.

The town was not a real town.  However, it has been built with original buildings from all over the State, many of them over 100 years old with lots of history as homes behind them.  There were also several deaths associated with the property and village since it was built.

The off balance and nausea is just a small part of what we have had happen in the village. :)


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