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Should Children be allowed on Ghost Tours?


About 6 months ago I took 2 young children and their mother on a private, daytime ghost tour at the Tailem Town Village.  As usual there were those out there that jumped on that and made murmurings of how inappropriate it is to take children on Ghost Tours.  It led to me writing an article on it in response.  The article can be found here:

So what are your own views on children being allowed on ghost tours?

Aussie Ghost Buster:
Absolutely kids should be aloud on Ghost tours, especially if the parents have given full consent and the child actually wants to do it.

Naturally as Alison stated very clearly in the previous post, The full ghost tour is not the way to go and any parent in their right mind would not allow this anyway,, surely.

I think the fact that Haunted Horizons offers a playschool version of the ghost tour is marvellous and I damn wish there was something like this when I was kid.

And youre right, kids have been telling ghost stories and being told ghost stories for eons. The countless shows on tele, Seseme St, Muppet show, movies, catoons, Casper even!   I've been loving a good ghost story forever and there is nothing wrong with me   :o

Can't wait to take my kids on a ghost tour when they are a little older, its going to be so much fun  :D

Well children love ghost tours and if you have a tour guide that knows what they are doing and more importantly parents informing guides  of the ages of the children.It can be a fun night  or day for all involved .

I believe it should be up to the parents and there should be a parent/guardian present.

As a new mum, I can't wait to take my son on ghost tours and freak him out (hmmm, responsible parenting???). My husband and I will be taking him on our own investigations soon (FYI he is only 6 months old so he is still quite portable, ha ha).  Of course, as he gets older and decides he hates it or is too scared, I won't be dragging him along. However, I suspect that he'll love it just as much as I did when I was a kid. 


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