Author Topic: The Ghost Box - Do you love it or hate it?  (Read 4882 times)

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The Ghost Box - Do you love it or hate it?
« on: February 08, 2012, 07:11:55 AM »
For those that know me well and know my more serious research side, they would know my own personal feelings on this little gadget.  I slammed it on my other forum at Paranormal Field Investigators as being a gimmick that should never be taken seriously or put out there as proof of the paranormal.  In fact I threw the gauntlet down and said we would trial it for a while and write our thoughts... totally meaning to debunk it.   That report still hasn't been written.  Why?  Because I can't deny that I have occasionally been left scratching my head on some of the responses that came out of it.  I will try and gather some of those together and put them up at some point for you.

So my thoughts on it now?  The researcher in me still deep down cannot take it too seriously and certainly couldn't put it out there as any type of evidence.   But, I can't deny as a tour guide, that I don't get a lot of fun out of allowing it to be used on the H.H. tours.  As stated before, the tours are not about getting hard evidence, they are about allowing people to experience what they see and hear from other groups and on TV for themselves.  They are about trying out all the equipment they do hear about and being allowed to make up their own minds on whether it is valid or not.   At the end of the day it  is also about having fun and an enjoyable evening.

So with that said.... for those who have come across the Ghost Box, what are your views on it?
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