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Rundle mall Ghost


This photo was captured in the early hours of sunday 23rd of may. My friends and i were out and it was very late so barley hardly anyone was in rundlemall and everyone we did cum across we took photos with, if u look to the behind me you will notice a shadow resembling a figure of a human. You can see its legs are spread apart and appears to be pointing the toes outwards oddd? We did not see anyone the and my friend who took the photo would of definatley noticed a stangely figure staring directley at us.... there was no one there!!!!! i have reaserched histrory on rundle mall from the early 1900s and to me the figure looks to be wearing boots and a top hat that people back then used to wear im reallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy curious to know what its is if anyone could help me that would be great i have attached the original copy and another copy of what i have tried to make clearer(can can see the one that has been lightened up the figure has a ring around it)

Hi Bellabec1989 and welcome to the forum.

Thanks also for posting the picture.  It comes up very small and is hard to see here, I know I have seen the original bigger version so know what you are talking about it is more visible in other copies.   Was this the size of the picture posted or did the forum only allow this size?  I only ask as I will change settings if the forum is resizing smaller :)

hi it would only let me upload this size =]

Ok, I think I have changed the settings so it allows bigger... maybe try again?   Apologies, with the forum being new I am still working out all the settings myself lol.  I changed something and then tested... it seemed to be bigger when I attached one.


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