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« on: February 09, 2012, 06:20:38 PM »
Ok, I think I have a brand new addiction.... genealogy!  'I will just poke around in,' I thought... 'see what all the fuss is about... won't be there for long,' I thought... the next thing I know I seem to have missing time suddenly.

What a wonderful thing and how addictive it is going back through your past, meeting ancestors you never knew existed and slowly uncovering where you came from.... and I have only just started!   So far I haven't found anybody too exciting, although I do believe my Gadsden line went to America and Col James Gadsden became fairly famous in American History.  Of course, I have yet to find the identity of my other ancestor who happened to be a buccaneer (pirate to you) who was eventually caught and hanged.  I know we had his cutlass for many generations before it was stolen at one of our New Year's Eve parties :(

So if any of you have any tips on genealogy searching or other sites that are helpful... I would love to know.   Maybe you found somebody interesting and famous in your family line... would love to know that too.  Feel free to post away here :)

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