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Conversations with Richard Fidler - ABC


One of the most requested interviews that I have done, is the one I did with Richard Fidler on the ABC radio.  Some may remember Richard from the Doug Anthony Allstars, but since those days has gone on to more serious roles.

Although Scientifically minded, he was very accommodating to the subject of the paranormal and a lovely person to chat to.  As soon as I entered the studio he was warm and welcoming and quickly put me at ease.  He was even appalled when he referred to my research team as 'Paranoid Field Investigators' instead of 'Paranormal Field Investigators' in the interview.  I told him it was amusing and should keep it in but being professional it never made the cut lol.

So here is the link to the interview for those that wanted it:

Another ABC interview I did that led to this one, was with Brett Williamson who was also a lot of fun to be interviewed by.  The link to this one is:


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