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G'day from the Admin of Haunted Horizons Forum
« on: February 05, 2012, 04:05:15 PM »
I thought I would be the first to introduce myself here on this 'clean slate' forum.  My name is Alison and I am the owner of Adelaide's Haunted Horizons.

I started Haunted Horizons, or H.H. as we fondly refer to it, in 2010 after deciding that I wanted to take my many years of tour guiding at the Adelaide Gaol that bit further.  Using this experience and over 20 years of paranormal research, I put together a formula that we thought would not only keep the tours and investigations 'real' but would also allow our customers to have a lot of fun with us too.  From the feedback and reviews we have been getting, I am proud to say we appear to have achieved this.

The most important aspect of the tours is the staff.  You can't achieve the above without people who just ooze personality!  I am happy to say our line up of guides have that easy going, fun side to them which always makes those tours that little bit special.

I also run a paranormal research group, Paranormal Field Investigators, which was set up in 2002.  We were lucky to get the Adelaide Gaol to investigate in 2002 and we have been the official researchers there for 10 years.  In fact it led to me authoring a book "Ghosts of the Past" which catalogue's our time spent there in an easy to read, adventure type story.

The other thing I am proud of is that I have managed to separate this serious research side from my entertainment side.   Haunted Horizons is about fun, it is where we relax the hardened research protocols and make no apologies about playing with some of the gadgets I would normally not use in my team but are seen on TV, such as the Ghost Box, dowsing rods as well as the more commonly used equipment.  These tours are a serious or relaxed as the customer wants them to be.

I wanted a forum that matched this attitude.  One where we could relax and just kick back with a coffee and discuss all manner of things ghostly, from tours, experiences to equipment used.  The forum can be as fun or as serious as you wish.  It is a forum for you! 

I look forward to chatting with you all here :)
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