Author Topic: Residents around haunted tour sites  (Read 5066 times)

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Residents around haunted tour sites
« on: June 11, 2012, 04:01:23 PM »
Hey guys I'm a school student doing an assignment on ghost tours  :)

Here's a few things I am wondering;
Do tours usually lead to better regulation of people who want to visit haunted sites (less hooligans running around making ghost noises) ?
Do surrounding shops gain business?
Do councils spend more time and money on the upkeep of these haunted sites?
Does increased night activity disturb surrounding residents?
maybe you live near a haunted site or just have something to say. If so I would love to hear your opinion even if it doesn't relate specifically to one of my questions  :D


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Re: Residents around haunted tour sites
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 08:26:24 AM »
Hi Babette,
Sorry for the delay in answering this.  Unfortunately we have been busy on a new tour so the forum has been neglected of late and I haven't been in much.

Hopefully it isn't too late to answer your questions.

Question 1
I do believe that one of the benefits of regular tours do deter people from causing trouble.  People specifically out to vandalise and do damage to places don't generally want to be seen or caught.  Having regular official visitations to sites will reduce this although obviously won't eliminate it altogether as nobody can be on a site 24hrs a day.

Question 2
Surrounding shops and other small businesses in the area certainly do benefit from tours.  Meals, snacks, drinks and accommodation is often needed so businesses who supply these items and services certainly have noticed extra trade where we have been operating.  Even the venue owners have noticed an uplift in their own trade as people like to come back during the day to explore at their own pace, which helps keep these places and history alive for future generations.

Question 3
I can only speak from my own venues that they spend no more on the upkeep then they would if there were no tours.  The owners of the venues however, get to spend a little more on the upkeep as many of these venues cost a lot to maintain.

Question 4
Again, I can only speak from our own tours and venues.  We purposely don't use areas whereby the general public would be disrupted by our tours.  We also don't use cemeteries for ethical reasons as if you are taking people on a ghost tour in a cemetery and it becomes known for ghosts, then vandals will soon move in and destroy it.  Also, cemeteries are often close to public homes and again out of respect we do not do these.   The closest we would come to public areas would be street tours in Gawler and Adelaide and all our routes avoid people's homes as best as possible so we do not disturb locals privacy.

If you have anymore questions then don't hesitate to ask.  And again apologies for not having seen this sooner.
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