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Edinburgh, UK - City of the Dead


Although I have been investigating and tour guiding for many years, I still enjoy going on Ghost Tours whenever I can when visiting new places.

One of the tours that really stuck out in my mind when overseas was the City of the Dead tour.  This was a hugely entertaining tour, with lively guides who have an immense sense of fun.  You career through the early history of Scotland before you head off to the highlight of the tour... Greyfriars Kirkyard where the MacKenzie Poltergeist waits those it apparently deems suitable to attack.  You are warned... "if you feel cold suddenly... don't tell me... you won't have time to get the words out... just MOVE!"  Apparently this is because many a person has passed out on the spot after feeling such a cold.  Strange scratches appear on people either then or the next morning.  My sister was one of them!

Although skeptical, she was still very much enjoying the tour and thought nothing of when she felt a prod in her back whilst in the Black Mausoleum.  She turned to find nobody standing behind her but thought nothing more of it...  going back to enjoying the tales being told.  It was the following morning that she showed me her shoulder.  There on skin it looked like 3 fingers with sharp nails had raked down it, leaving the skin open and very bruised.  It was a wound she would have felt had she done it herself.  She was taken aback as she had not believed in any of it.

More about this tour, the photos and an interview with the owner can be found on our other website at: 

This tour has become more of interest to me as our own tours at Tailem produced it's first scratching just last week.  We watched as the welts came up on the skin after somebody felt they had been scratched on the back.  It was certainly interesting to watch, whatever the cause.

I recommend if anybody is heading to Edinburgh in Scotland, don't miss this tour!

Wow, fantastic information.  Makes me want to travel to Scotland! 

Curious, has any HH staff visited Monte Christo Homestead at Old Junee, NSW?

No not yet... but we would like to.  Maybe will have to be an H.H. trip one day.   I am too busy keeping the guides busy with our own tours... but midweek sometime might be a go.   Have you been?


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