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Title: Ghost Sightings - Daytime
Post by: Alison on August 13, 2013, 07:05:13 AM
I was asked a great question today and that was "does anything ever happen at your venues during the day?"

It is interesting, and the answer to that is 'yes'.   The Adelaide Gaol was reported as haunted by a figure of a guard in the New Building.  Before we went in to investigate for the 10 years with Paranormal Field Investigators, it was daytime visitors and volunteers that were witnessing it there.  People were experiencing things during the day not even knowing the place was haunted.

Tailem Town Pioneer Village is no different.  We often get there in the afternoon to get ready for a tour to find somebody has reported an experience as they were walking around.  Normally the Hotel and the Church but often other buildings and even one lady reported having been pushed in the back out in the street.   The dark, shadowy figure we named 'Ted' has been seen in the Hotel by daytime visitors and their dogs have refused to go into the building at those times.

One of the volunteers at the village also refuses to go back into the Wolseley Church because she was cleaning in there one afternoon only to be pushed from behind across the pews.  I was told when it happened and went upto interview her... she was extremely shaken up and refused to go back in.

With that has anybody else ever experienced paranormal happenings, ghostly sightings or anything strange in daylight hours?
Title: Re: Ghost Sightings - Daytime
Post by: Torey on September 26, 2013, 07:43:37 PM
What a fantastic topic!

I have always been intrigued by the inclination for "haunted happenings" taking part primarily during the nighttime hours.  I question why this could be - there are a number of possibilities, but none would "stand up in court", I'm sure. :)

To answer your question, I have indeed experienced paranormal activity during the daylight hours.  In regards to spontaneous activity from perceived entities, one such entity which has resided in my grandmother's home since as long as I can recall would often manifest itself during all hours of the day and night.  That being said, there was no doubt that most of the activity would occur after sunset, but the daylight would never render it powerless, so to speak.

As I mentioned in my introduction, we have what we have deemed a "spirit cat" in our home.  My wife and I always encounter it during the day - and to be honest, I don't actually believe that I have ever seen it or experienced it at nighttime at all.
Title: Re: Ghost Sightings - Daytime
Post by: Alison on October 29, 2013, 04:28:39 PM
What I find more interesting is that although daytime activity does seem to occur, I have yet to hear of a ghost sighting in full daylight.  Most of the experiences and sightings seem to be in less lit areas and buildings for example indoors.  Have you experienced anything out in bright sunlight?