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Title: Greetings From Torey
Post by: Torey on September 26, 2013, 07:36:29 PM
Hi, all;

My name is Torey and I'm happy to have found your website (and subsequently, this forum). :)

A brief introduction - I'm married to my beautiful wife of 3 years and reside in Adelaide.  I am originally from the US (Louisiana) and I have a rather large collection of eclectic interests.  Mundanely, I am a classically-trained pianist and a self-taught artist.  I have been involved with aspects of the Occult and paranormal communities for a number of years including serving as Administrator and Mentor for the large online magickal education entity of Magicka School.

I have been a practicing magician and Occultist for 17 years.  My religious beliefs are often maligned and misunderstood as I am a Theistic Satanist and Demonolator (one who venerates Demons).  I am happy to discuss my path further at a later time, but to suffice for now I will add that I am not a villainous fiend as many believe - quite contrary, I am a very open-minded and gentle person with a tremendous amount of respect and empathy for my fellow human beings and a love for the Natural World.

In regards to the paranormal, I am also a consulting Demonologist and a researcher of spirit activity.  Although I have had many experiences throughout my lifetime, I have yet to enjoy any experiences outside of my home (as we actually have a spirit "cat" in our house) here in South Australia since my arrival in 2010, but I am looking to find a group of like-minded individuals with whom I can hopefully share my interests.  I am also interested in visiting paranormal locations locally, of course - your website was the result of my searching for "ghost tours" in the area.

Looking forward to making new acquaintances and thank you for your time :)


Title: Re: Greetings From Torey
Post by: Alison on October 29, 2013, 04:24:47 PM
Hi Torey,
First of all apologies on the amount of time it has taken to answer.  I have been flat out, so have been a tad distracted.  However, now I have some new people, I shall endeavour to get on here more regularly.

Don't worry, I do not think of you as a fiend with the word Satanist.  I actually have two very good friends who are satanists so know their beliefs or should I say lack of them and know you don't fiendishly run around making sacrifices :)  So welcome to the page.  I should try and get my friends on here to chat with you.... I will work on that one lol.

Feel free to chat about whatever and I shall try and get on to chat back more often :)