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Title: Gladstone Gaol
Post by: seagull on December 29, 2013, 10:05:45 AM
I mentioned that I had been to Gladstone Gaol but didn't say what happened there, so here goes- seeing as Im so bad at names (forgive me) I will have to do my best and they would know who they are Hopefully! We got to pick our cells to sleep in, the wife and I slept in the maternity room, it came with a rattling window, anyway we all did our exploring, went with a few others to the aboriginal cells, one of the large cells there had cold spots a few of us felt but low activity, then walked around some more did the usual(laugh/giggle/eat/etc.,) Then it got dark and the FUN started! Rob, Tarn and a few of the others went to the suicide cells and got some good readings on the ghost box etc., Urshala and her sister, wife (Jenny) and I walked around, until Jenny decided to go to bed! Took a lot of photos & some not meaning some cells and areas the camera worked fine & others the camera wouldn't operate! (bugger)!! anyway went with Rob & this other lovely lady (cant remember her name (sorry) to the round room below the guards tower, Rob stated he had just closed the door of cell 39 (gallows door) so went up there with one other lady, I stayed back a little to try and get some video but as usual the camera shut down, Rob tried to shut the door but it kept resisting, finally after fighting with this door it released slamming  shut and Rob getting pushed by this spirit I kid you not (and wish to god the damn camera was working!!!) he got pushed horizontally about 3 to 4 feet of the ground did a three sixty degree turn and landed on his back on the slate floor (HOLLY MOLLY) Rob gets up a bit sore and says- did you get that on camera! a NO not working! anyway me and the other lady was sitting on a wooden bench in the round room (tower floor room)  Robs still messing around with door and we are talking and one of the other benches starts moving, I said to her did ya see that-(YES) so I got up went to look what Rob was doing down the end of the cell block and this spirit which looked like a guard walked from one cell across to the other cell (ok I need a break now) so went outside for a cuppa and smoke, but there is no getting away from these spirits as they kept bugging me for answers, like the spirit prisoner of Charlie telling me he likes one of the ladies that looks after the prison (volunteer) and the spirit of a prison guard that kept waving near the guard houses. Went back in this time went with Tarn, Rob and others to the drunk cells got some really good readings from there I couldn't stop shacking at one stage even though my speech was normal the shacking was annoying, Rob started asking some questions, but didnt get the response he expected because he was getting grabbed on the side so we decided to go to the chapel I sat near the back with the bus driver and Rob and Tarn started asking questions to the spirits in the room and I said to Urshala ( bus driver) somethings playing piano on my knee! then more questions and responses and all of a sudden I feel this hand on my shoulder I JUMPED UP and said that's it had enough, no sooner I got to the chapel door, coming on the ghost box BABY! not impressed! so went to bed at 3:30am. Had a GREAT TIME cant wait to do it again and if you have the chance don't hesitate! Seagull/peter                           
Title: Re: Gladstone Gaol
Post by: Alison on August 28, 2014, 11:07:02 AM
Yeah Gladstone is great.  We used to investigate it many years ago but haven't been up for a while now. 

We had several things happen when we were there with Paranormal Field Investigators.  One of them was the hearing a woman humming in the Aboriginal section.  My team mate, Anna, also saw a full on apparition in the Kitchen which disappeared in front of her.

One day I will get back there.  Thanks for sharing Seagull :)