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Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Taliem Town
« Last post by Matty7890 on January 08, 2014, 09:40:39 PM »
Sort of sad but I don't really know the story behind taliem town!
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Taliem Town
« Last post by seagull on December 29, 2013, 11:15:56 AM »
It is possible the spirit that died or is associated with the building suffered from illness or depression, as you pass into the spirits area (realm) you can feel the emotions of the spirit ? Seagull/peter   
Ghost Tours You Have Been On / Gladstone Gaol
« Last post by seagull on December 29, 2013, 10:05:45 AM »
I mentioned that I had been to Gladstone Gaol but didn't say what happened there, so here goes- seeing as Im so bad at names (forgive me) I will have to do my best and they would know who they are Hopefully! We got to pick our cells to sleep in, the wife and I slept in the maternity room, it came with a rattling window, anyway we all did our exploring, went with a few others to the aboriginal cells, one of the large cells there had cold spots a few of us felt but low activity, then walked around some more did the usual(laugh/giggle/eat/etc.,) Then it got dark and the FUN started! Rob, Tarn and a few of the others went to the suicide cells and got some good readings on the ghost box etc., Urshala and her sister, wife (Jenny) and I walked around, until Jenny decided to go to bed! Took a lot of photos & some not meaning some cells and areas the camera worked fine & others the camera wouldn't operate! (bugger)!! anyway went with Rob & this other lovely lady (cant remember her name (sorry) to the round room below the guards tower, Rob stated he had just closed the door of cell 39 (gallows door) so went up there with one other lady, I stayed back a little to try and get some video but as usual the camera shut down, Rob tried to shut the door but it kept resisting, finally after fighting with this door it released slamming  shut and Rob getting pushed by this spirit I kid you not (and wish to god the damn camera was working!!!) he got pushed horizontally about 3 to 4 feet of the ground did a three sixty degree turn and landed on his back on the slate floor (HOLLY MOLLY) Rob gets up a bit sore and says- did you get that on camera! a NO not working! anyway me and the other lady was sitting on a wooden bench in the round room (tower floor room)  Robs still messing around with door and we are talking and one of the other benches starts moving, I said to her did ya see that-(YES) so I got up went to look what Rob was doing down the end of the cell block and this spirit which looked like a guard walked from one cell across to the other cell (ok I need a break now) so went outside for a cuppa and smoke, but there is no getting away from these spirits as they kept bugging me for answers, like the spirit prisoner of Charlie telling me he likes one of the ladies that looks after the prison (volunteer) and the spirit of a prison guard that kept waving near the guard houses. Went back in this time went with Tarn, Rob and others to the drunk cells got some really good readings from there I couldn't stop shacking at one stage even though my speech was normal the shacking was annoying, Rob started asking some questions, but didnt get the response he expected because he was getting grabbed on the side so we decided to go to the chapel I sat near the back with the bus driver and Rob and Tarn started asking questions to the spirits in the room and I said to Urshala ( bus driver) somethings playing piano on my knee! then more questions and responses and all of a sudden I feel this hand on my shoulder I JUMPED UP and said that's it had enough, no sooner I got to the chapel door, coming on the ghost box BABY! not impressed! so went to bed at 3:30am. Had a GREAT TIME cant wait to do it again and if you have the chance don't hesitate! Seagull/peter                           
Ghosts/Spirits / Taliem Town
« Last post by Matty7890 on December 28, 2013, 09:27:51 AM »
When I was at old taliem town during the day in the church we walked to the front and we had nausea and we ran out crying!
Any explanations?
Haunted Horizons Tours / Torrens Island Quarantine Station
« Last post by seagull on December 24, 2013, 02:28:07 PM »
Seagull/peter here, went on a great AHH investigation tour at Torrens Island Quarantine Station 15th December, went into one house and there was a spirit of a boy between 12 to 16yrs old he was saying he got bashed, when I asked where he poked me hard under my right ribs (again with the poking!) it hurt for 2 days, anyway we were (the others & I) talking in one of the door frames and this young spirit decides to pull the hairs from my leg! I asked him why he got bashed he replied CHEEKY, go figure. Anyway proceeded to the next house didn't feel anything until I walked into the kitchen I got this massive headache and the spirit telling me to "GET OUT OR I'LL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF" got no argument there Im out, next went to the two storey house a lot more calmer there, a women put her hands on my shoulders (it was gentle) then we went to the kitchen the spirit of this women said her kitchen nice aint it, I started laughing because all I saw was dust and a messy room, Whoops didn't feel her after that. Went into most of the buildings and then into the boiler room building as we had to wait for the other group to leave, they told us there was activity in the small room at the side so I decided to run off 10 shots a second on my camera and after checking, nothing, nothing, nothing,  black blur, nothing, nothing, etc., I said gotcha ya bugger and the windows started rattling and shacking maybe he is camera shy but at least he was annoyed I got him on camera! Well turned out to be a GREAT day, hoping to catch up with every one next year. Seagull/peter.       
Introductions / Hi Im Seagull/peter
« Last post by seagull on December 20, 2013, 04:24:14 PM »
Most of my life Ive had spirits come to me, some just to talk, some to poke and prod me, but I though this is too much to tell most people, besides my wife and a few friends and some family members, until my wife introduced me to Tarn and we went to investigate Gladstone Gaol with others, I got to find out there was a name for the things I hear/see or feel, I was told I was a MEDIUM, Wow! that makes perfect sense! Anyway went with Haunted Horizons to Torrens Island Quarantine Station, it was GREAT! I got to make sense of the words spoken to me (spirits) and still managed to get poked and prodded! I need more now, cant wait for the next adventure! It was great to meet Alison and all the other crew, Hope to meet again soon! SEAGULL/peter         
Introductions / Hi from Emily :)
« Last post by Emily on December 05, 2013, 01:37:05 PM »
 Hi everyone,

I'm Emily and I'm new to the H.H forum! :)

I first became interested in the paranormal when I was really young, from the ages of 2-4 and 5-9 we lived next door to a Funeral Parlour. Our house was separated from the office area of the Funeral Parlour by a door. Even while living there, there were certain areas I didn't like going to or even walking past. Such as the Chapel, the Morgue and even the showroom where the had the coffins on view. It's not that they were scary places, I just felt like something was watching me every time I was near there.

It wasn't until I was 4 years old that I started seeing a figure standing in the doorway to my bedroom. He was a solid black mass, and would just stand there looking at me. I wasn't frightened of him, but didn't particularly like the fact he would watch me! The first time I remember seeing him was the night we received a phone call to say my Grandpa had just passed away. Whether it was him standing there, I don't know but it made me feel a bit better thinking it was him!

We then moved into another house where I had a couple of experiences. The first was when I was 12 years old and my electric blanket caught on fire while I was sleeping. I remember waking up and telling my dad what happened and he ran in and started putting out the fire. I then went and got a bucket of water and then when I reached the doorway to my bedroom someone stopped me and said "You can't use water on an electrical fire". I then started walking down the hall towards the lounge room to find my mum was just getting out of bed. I'm not sure who told me not to use the water, but myself, my mum and my dad where the only ones living there at the time.

The second incident was at the same house, and I woke up one night and saw a solid black mass standing next  to my bed. She looked like a little girl, same height and same features as my little cousin. I thought it was her so I asked her if she was ok. She didn't response. I asked again, still no response. So I reached out to try and hold her hand but there was no one there. When we moved out, my dad spoke to the Real Estate agent who sold us the house and she told him that an old lady had died in the house, and a boy had committed suicide inside the home.

Since then I haven't had any other experiences, however I have been on 3 of Alison's ghost investigation tours (2 at Old Tailem Town and the other at the National Railway Muesum) I haven't had anything major happen to me on the investigations, but I'm doing Tailem Town again next Saturday night (14th December) so fingers crossed something happens!

Wow, I didn't realise I'd written so much! ???

Oh well, it was nice to meet you all! :)
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Ghost Sightings - Daytime
« Last post by Alison on October 29, 2013, 04:28:39 PM »
What I find more interesting is that although daytime activity does seem to occur, I have yet to hear of a ghost sighting in full daylight.  Most of the experiences and sightings seem to be in less lit areas and buildings for example indoors.  Have you experienced anything out in bright sunlight?
Introductions / Re: Greetings From Torey
« Last post by Alison on October 29, 2013, 04:24:47 PM »
Hi Torey,
First of all apologies on the amount of time it has taken to answer.  I have been flat out, so have been a tad distracted.  However, now I have some new people, I shall endeavour to get on here more regularly.

Don't worry, I do not think of you as a fiend with the word Satanist.  I actually have two very good friends who are satanists so know their beliefs or should I say lack of them and know you don't fiendishly run around making sacrifices :)  So welcome to the page.  I should try and get my friends on here to chat with you.... I will work on that one lol.

Feel free to chat about whatever and I shall try and get on to chat back more often :)
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Ghost Sightings - Daytime
« Last post by Torey on September 26, 2013, 07:43:37 PM »
What a fantastic topic!

I have always been intrigued by the inclination for "haunted happenings" taking part primarily during the nighttime hours.  I question why this could be - there are a number of possibilities, but none would "stand up in court", I'm sure. :)

To answer your question, I have indeed experienced paranormal activity during the daylight hours.  In regards to spontaneous activity from perceived entities, one such entity which has resided in my grandmother's home since as long as I can recall would often manifest itself during all hours of the day and night.  That being said, there was no doubt that most of the activity would occur after sunset, but the daylight would never render it powerless, so to speak.

As I mentioned in my introduction, we have what we have deemed a "spirit cat" in our home.  My wife and I always encounter it during the day - and to be honest, I don't actually believe that I have ever seen it or experienced it at nighttime at all.
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