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Introductions / Greetings From Torey
« Last post by Torey on September 26, 2013, 07:36:29 PM »
Hi, all;

My name is Torey and I'm happy to have found your website (and subsequently, this forum). :)

A brief introduction - I'm married to my beautiful wife of 3 years and reside in Adelaide.  I am originally from the US (Louisiana) and I have a rather large collection of eclectic interests.  Mundanely, I am a classically-trained pianist and a self-taught artist.  I have been involved with aspects of the Occult and paranormal communities for a number of years including serving as Administrator and Mentor for the large online magickal education entity of Magicka School.

I have been a practicing magician and Occultist for 17 years.  My religious beliefs are often maligned and misunderstood as I am a Theistic Satanist and Demonolator (one who venerates Demons).  I am happy to discuss my path further at a later time, but to suffice for now I will add that I am not a villainous fiend as many believe - quite contrary, I am a very open-minded and gentle person with a tremendous amount of respect and empathy for my fellow human beings and a love for the Natural World.

In regards to the paranormal, I am also a consulting Demonologist and a researcher of spirit activity.  Although I have had many experiences throughout my lifetime, I have yet to enjoy any experiences outside of my home (as we actually have a spirit "cat" in our house) here in South Australia since my arrival in 2010, but I am looking to find a group of like-minded individuals with whom I can hopefully share my interests.  I am also interested in visiting paranormal locations locally, of course - your website was the result of my searching for "ghost tours" in the area.

Looking forward to making new acquaintances and thank you for your time :)


Ghosts/Spirits / Ghost Sightings - Daytime
« Last post by Alison on August 13, 2013, 07:05:13 AM »
I was asked a great question today and that was "does anything ever happen at your venues during the day?"

It is interesting, and the answer to that is 'yes'.   The Adelaide Gaol was reported as haunted by a figure of a guard in the New Building.  Before we went in to investigate for the 10 years with Paranormal Field Investigators, it was daytime visitors and volunteers that were witnessing it there.  People were experiencing things during the day not even knowing the place was haunted.

Tailem Town Pioneer Village is no different.  We often get there in the afternoon to get ready for a tour to find somebody has reported an experience as they were walking around.  Normally the Hotel and the Church but often other buildings and even one lady reported having been pushed in the back out in the street.   The dark, shadowy figure we named 'Ted' has been seen in the Hotel by daytime visitors and their dogs have refused to go into the building at those times.

One of the volunteers at the village also refuses to go back into the Wolseley Church because she was cleaning in there one afternoon only to be pushed from behind across the pews.  I was told when it happened and went upto interview her... she was extremely shaken up and refused to go back in.

With that has anybody else ever experienced paranormal happenings, ghostly sightings or anything strange in daylight hours?
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by Alison on August 13, 2013, 06:55:56 AM »
That would be fantastic to hear.  My favourite things out of all of the stuff we use is EVP.  I find it very intriguing, especially the good ones.  If you can get hold of them I would definitely like to hear them :)

The figure you bumped into in the hallway... you felt it was male?  Do you know any of the history there before the house was built?
Introductions / Re: HI!
« Last post by SkittlesFTW on August 06, 2013, 07:05:57 PM »
Hi Allison ,

No I've never been on any other tours, yours was my first!
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by SkittlesFTW on August 06, 2013, 07:03:22 PM »
We did get definite voices one predominant male and one small child (amongst others) however they didn't identify themselves unfortunatly. However in a turn of the tables he asked who we were, so next session we introduced ourselves. My friend who was doing the sessions with us might still have the files, I'll see if I can get my hands on them.

The child sounded pleased to be talking to someone, one file actually got it saying "I'm so glad you're here"

The man didn't sound so pleased. One file sounded like he said "I am in hell." He also would ask us where we were going as we were saying thank you and goodbye for the night.

But like I said, I'll get the files and upload them to you if you like :)
Videos / Channel 9 News video on Haunted Church
« Last post by Alison on August 06, 2013, 05:48:08 PM »
Out of the blue Channel 9 news called us to see if we had any footage we could give them.  I thought about it and decided to give them some of our older footage for their newstory.  They came up and filmed and I stressed over how it would all be portrayed... but I think they actually did quite a good job and didn't make it into a comical item.  Here is the link.  It shows the gentlemans arm being ripped off the should of his wife in the church :)
Other Paranormal Discussions / Re: house made from cow pooh!!
« Last post by Alison on August 06, 2013, 05:42:34 PM »
Hi Dan,

I am so sorry I missed this one.  The Forum was quiet for a while and I haven't checked on it since... well before you posted.  Normally it sends me a message to say somebody has but it failed to for yours, so apologies.  I have a few pictures up on the cow pooh house... do you know which one it was?   I will go and check them all out and have a closer look :)   
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by Alison on August 06, 2013, 05:40:04 PM »
Thanks for sharing this.  It is amazing how much activity centres around bathrooms and mirrors.  Many of the cases we were called out to involved these two areas.

Did you get any definite voices on the EVP and if so did you get any answers as to who it could be there?
Introductions / Re: HI!
« Last post by Alison on August 06, 2013, 05:36:07 PM »
Hi SkittlesFTW

And welcome to the forum.  It is great to have you join us here.

Feel free to browse around and join in the chat or even start some new topics.  Have you been on any other tours?  We would love to hear if you have.

We definitely look forward to seeing you on one of our investigation tours :)

Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by SkittlesFTW on August 06, 2013, 04:07:14 PM »
great stories guys!

As i mentioned in my introduction, i lived in a haunted house when i was in my late teens and early 20's ( it was my first house i lived in out of home )

There isnt anything particular about the house, its just a normal house in Manningham but weird things would be an often occurence, almost to the point of normality.

My Brother would be shaving in the bathroom mirror which faced the doorway to the hallway and he would see dense black shadows dart accross the doorway, we would see shadows in the mirrors in the lounge. One time when my ex-partner and i were sleeping in the lounge on a sofabed i simply could not sleep because i felt i was being watched, i had to get up and close all the doors to the room.

But my most profound experience in this house was one night, we had been watching a movie and it was quite late at night. We both got up to make the walk down the long hallway from our bedroom at the front of the house to the kitchen right at the back of the house. On the way back, after we had switched off the kitchen light, the hallway was pitch black, i couldnt see anything so i was feeling my way along the wall when i bumped into someone. I thought it was my ex but when i said "oh sorry!" she turned on the light at the other end of the hall in the bedroom... i was compleatly alone in the long hallway, where there was nothing i could have walked into.

At the time i didnt think anything of it, i just immedietly went back to bed. It wasnt untill i was laying there did i realise what had just happened and got a chill. I could have sworn it was a person, i felt it arm rebound off my leg and everything.

Its something i will never forget.

It was after this experience did we conduct our own EVP in the house, which was both successfull in the way that we got a lot, but also frightening with what we heard and it seemed to 'stir up' more activity. Mostly of things being moved and voices in the dark or white noise of a fan.

anyway, thats my story :D
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