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Other Paranormal Discussions / Re: Weather and Moon Phases
« Last post by Aussie Ghost Buster on February 24, 2012, 07:45:19 PM »
Awesome, thanks for this,, twill certainly come in handy in our record keeping

Absolutely kids should be aloud on Ghost tours, especially if the parents have given full consent and the child actually wants to do it.

Naturally as Alison stated very clearly in the previous post, The full ghost tour is not the way to go and any parent in their right mind would not allow this anyway,, surely.

I think the fact that Haunted Horizons offers a playschool version of the ghost tour is marvellous and I damn wish there was something like this when I was kid.

And youre right, kids have been telling ghost stories and being told ghost stories for eons. The countless shows on tele, Seseme St, Muppet show, movies, catoons, Casper even!   I've been loving a good ghost story forever and there is nothing wrong with me   :o

Can't wait to take my kids on a ghost tour when they are a little older, its going to be so much fun  :D

Haunted Horizons Tours / THE BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE
« Last post by Aussie Ghost Buster on February 23, 2012, 09:27:12 PM »
One of the best tours I have been on and where I have witnessed the most paranormal activity would definitely have to be the night of THE BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE on the 10th of December 2011.
I’ve been on many tours at Old Tailem Town and have experienced a few odd occurrences and have even captured a very intriguing photo which I will post for you all to see, but this night of the eclipse certainly takes the cake.

From the minute we started the tour at the Bent Elbow Hotel, about 4 cameras failed to take pictures. My camera for instance would take a photo and the flash would go off and yet a total black image is all I had. I think I took about 20 photos of all black images before I gave up.  Yes this was strange.
Our second port of call then occurred at the Music Emporium whist Alison was telling everyone about Jack. Only this time every camera in the tour failed to operate, all but one and that was Alison’s. It was strange that 4 cameras failed at the Bent Elbow, now suddenly every camera was failing. The one camera that did work would take a photo of an object in which the angle was obscured. One must wonder what the hell is going on!

Was all of this the work of our dark friend who haunts the village?  Turns out that all of this was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

Some of the ladies had claimed to have seen a man in a hat at the Peak Railway Station; I didn’t see anything and can only go by what they had said. One lady claims that it was her uncle, but I would put money on the fact it was probably our dark friend who we have affectionately named Ted. He likes to play with the guests on the tour and not always in a nice way.

The tour ended as always at the Wolseley Church which is where Daniel Rob and Anna were doing some private work away from the tour. We had approached the church only to find Daniel running out almost in fear and bewilderment. Daniel was a bit vague on detail but Anna and Rob claim that Daniel didn’t seem like himself and was staring at them with disgust, they tried to call his name and see if he was alright and that is when he came too and ran outside. Daniel does not recall what happened???

Some of the tour had gone home and those who were brave enough, stuck around for the Investigation. Everyone seemed to be in very good spirits and was thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was decided that we would all sit in silence and absorb the natural sounds of the church and its surroundings. After a while a lady named Flick stated that she could hear what sounded like a males voice crying out for help emanating from the back room of the church. Moments later Will stated that he heard a female’s voice calling out for help coming from the back room. Shortly after this, a noise was heard from the back room of the church in which Alison decided to go and investigate. Whist in the back room and yet still in sight of us, all of the K2 EMF meters went off the scale in multiple intervals. This naturally sparked everyone’s attention and a buzz of excitement was felt across the church.

Meanwhile Daniel had gone into the back room with Alison to investigate the noise that we had heard, the noise that had initially thought to have been a rodent had lead them to a book. Funnily enough, this book was titled “Daniel and the revelations”. After a chuckle had been had, Daniel picked up the book and the first page he had turned to, his eyes had been drawn to the line “WHEN THE MOON BECAME AS BLOOD”.  Just so happens that at this very moment the red moon eclipse was taking place.
Once Alison and Daniel had shared their information with the rest of the group, somebody else turned to a page where a paragraph read “He will give proof of his full power”. What a bizarre coincidence this to have been, or was it our dark friend in spirit who was trying to tell us something about himself to us???    I guess what makes all this interesting is what a medium had told Alison on a previous tour and that was that there is a dark figure within the village who likes to play with the tour groups and that he was a sinister man in life as well as in death. This dark entity believes that he is so much better than us and that we are weak and pathetic and so on and so on. I will let Alison elaborate on this more if she likes.

Shortly after and whilst we had recovered from the bizarreness of this coincidental find, we sat in quiet once again. Flick who was sitting in the front row with her mother claimed that her lap had become freezing. I believe Anna had stepped up to the front to investigate this claim. While discussing the cold feeling, Flicks mum began to shake and whimper almost uncontrollably. This was visible even to me who was sitting 5 rows back in complete darkness.  Flick mentioned that perhaps she is having an anxiety attack and it was decided by all that she needs to be taken outside for fresh air. Anna had grabbed hold of one arm to assist her down the aisle; I had a torch to the floor so they could see where they were walking. When they had approached the aisle where I was sitting, it looked like Flicks mum was going to fall the ground and therefore rob who was sitting in front of me decided to get up and assist.
By this time the girls were nearing the door and when Rob grabbed hold of her other arm to assist, an almighty roar was let forth
 “GET THE F*CK AWAY”......  What a shock this had been to all of us. Was this (Ted) our dark friend’s way of showing us his true power?  By now Flick, her mother, Anna and Alison had made it outside. Rob had come back and sat in the row in front of me and was now furious. The look on his face and the anger he was expressing was a bit of a shock. He was so angry towards Flicks mum so much so that he wanted to hit her. These emotions were coming from one of the mildest in manor and passive guys you can meet.  I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps the energy from Flicks mum had transferred to Rob as he was absolutely fine beforehand???

Flick had then come back into the church to inform us that her mum is now fine and doesn’t remember a thing about what had happened  and in fact all she remebers feeling is an almighty rage that had built up inside her and what she couldnt control. She wanted very much to apologise to Rob but refused to come back into the church. Rob again showed his anger and basically told Flick that he doesn’t care and they can F off.  What is interesting about all this is the fact that many people before tonight have also had a shift in mood to a somewhat depressive and angry episode and then soon as they leave the church, they become fine.

Flick and her mum decided that they now wanted to leave, so Alison came in to get her keys ready to drive them back to the car park. As Alison exited the church, all of the K2 meters went berserk again in fluctuating spikes. What the hell was going to happen next I thought to myself sitting quietly in retrospect?

It was now when the atmosphere in the church lifted to a more jovial tune, Rob’s mood was on the up and we were all having a laugh. About twenty minutes later Alison returned and low and behold the K2 meters went of the scale again in fluctuating spikes. My first thoughts were “hmmm, I think our dark friend had gone with Alison to farewell flick and her mum and has now returned back with Alison”. 
It was now very late into the night and Alison had a major headache, perhaps this was a sign to end the night and go home. Perhaps the headache was our dark friend’s way of saying it’s over now and that he’s shown his true mite, now bugger off.

And there you have it, the night of the BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE.

Thanks Ted  :o
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by Alison on February 13, 2012, 11:20:24 AM »
Hi Kathryn and welcome to our brand new forum :)  Good to see you are already making yourself at home.

I love hearing stories about 'friendly ghosts', after all, if it is true and ghosts do exist then my argument would be that they were only people once.  Somebody's child, parent or grandparent..  So why would the majority of ghosts want to harm people?  I would hope if I die tomorrow and become a ghost that I wouldn't suddenly become some evil monster lol.

What a wonderful story about your grandfather.  I can understand why you would really want to buy that house and bring it back into the family.  If your grandfather is still there I would imagine he would be happy for that too instead of having all those strangers there.  If I was in your shoes I would be tempted too.   Did he ever acknowledge you in any way or talk to you?

Would love to hear any other experiences you have had :)
Ghosts/Spirits / Re: Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by Kathryn on February 12, 2012, 07:35:02 PM »
Great story Alison.

My first experience occured when I was very young, about 5/6 years old. I spent alot of time with my grandparents as a child and came from a very close family. My grandparents lived in the 'family' home of 20 odd years at Largs Bay. At the time my nana's mother (my great grandmother) was still alive and they built a two story townhouse which attatched to the main house for her to live in. I have such fond memories of my time spent in this house with my family that I would love to one day buy the property as it was the place where my nana was most happy.

I was very fond of my great grandma and loved climbing the stairs to say hello to her whenever I was visiting. On my visits I would also meet my great grandpa, he would sit at the top of the stairs in a comfy as you walked into the living area on the left hand side of the room. Most of the time he was smoking a pipe but he would never say anything and just sat there watching us. I remember being a little wary of him because he didn't smile at me. In recent times, after discussions with my mum and asking questions about my family I was to discover that he infact passed away many years before I was born.

My mum also had an experience with him walking through her bedroom after he had passed away. I still live in the local area and rumour has it that someone that once rented the property was convinced that the house was haunted. The house has been up for sale at least 4 times since my granparents lived there.

I have had two other experiences in recent times in the townhouse I live in but those stories are for another time :)

Tasmania / Port Arthur Ghost Tours
« Last post by Alison on February 10, 2012, 07:36:04 PM »
We all have heard the ghostly tales that have been coming out of Port Arthur for many years.  With such a cruel history, one can see why spirits would still be restless! Their ghost tours have been popular for a long time but now they have a whole new experience to add to their ghostly tours... a paranormal investigation tour... starting this month, February.  For more information you can visit their website:
General Chit-Chat / Genealogy
« Last post by Alison on February 09, 2012, 06:20:38 PM »
Ok, I think I have a brand new addiction.... genealogy!  'I will just poke around in,' I thought... 'see what all the fuss is about... won't be there for long,' I thought... the next thing I know I seem to have missing time suddenly.

What a wonderful thing and how addictive it is going back through your past, meeting ancestors you never knew existed and slowly uncovering where you came from.... and I have only just started!   So far I haven't found anybody too exciting, although I do believe my Gadsden line went to America and Col James Gadsden became fairly famous in American History.  Of course, I have yet to find the identity of my other ancestor who happened to be a buccaneer (pirate to you) who was eventually caught and hanged.  I know we had his cutlass for many generations before it was stolen at one of our New Year's Eve parties :(

So if any of you have any tips on genealogy searching or other sites that are helpful... I would love to know.   Maybe you found somebody interesting and famous in your family line... would love to know that too.  Feel free to post away here :)

Photographs / Re: Rundle mall Ghost
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 03:29:10 PM »
Ok, I think I have changed the settings so it allows bigger... maybe try again?   Apologies, with the forum being new I am still working out all the settings myself lol.  I changed something and then tested... it seemed to be bigger when I attached one.
Photographs / Re: Rundle mall Ghost
« Last post by Bellabec1989 on February 08, 2012, 03:23:09 PM »
hi it would only let me upload this size =]
Photographs / Re: Rundle mall Ghost
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 02:33:32 PM »
Hi Bellabec1989 and welcome to the forum.

Thanks also for posting the picture.  It comes up very small and is hard to see here, I know I have seen the original bigger version so know what you are talking about it is more visible in other copies.   Was this the size of the picture posted or did the forum only allow this size?  I only ask as I will change settings if the forum is resizing smaller :)
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