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Photographs / Rundle mall Ghost
« Last post by Bellabec1989 on February 08, 2012, 12:39:58 PM »
This photo was captured in the early hours of sunday 23rd of may. My friends and i were out and it was very late so barley hardly anyone was in rundlemall and everyone we did cum across we took photos with, if u look to the behind me you will notice a shadow resembling a figure of a human. You can see its legs are spread apart and appears to be pointing the toes outwards oddd? We did not see anyone the and my friend who took the photo would of definatley noticed a stangely figure staring directley at us.... there was no one there!!!!! i have reaserched histrory on rundle mall from the early 1900s and to me the figure looks to be wearing boots and a top hat that people back then used to wear im reallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy curious to know what its is if anyone could help me that would be great i have attached the original copy and another copy of what i have tried to make clearer(can can see the one that has been lightened up the figure has a ring around it)
Other Paranormal Discussions / Weather and Moon Phases
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 11:30:27 AM »
For those who are more into keeping records and trying to find patterns, this website is great for this.  Not only does it give you all the conditions, moon phases etc but if you want to look at what they were on any particular date it is easy to do.  It is a great resource!
Ghosts/Spirits / Born into a Haunted House
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 09:33:03 AM »
A lot of people ask, "what got you started in this passion?"

Well, I was born into a supposedly haunted house.  In fact if any of you have watched the Black Adder series, season 2 where Edmund goes to seek advice from the wisewoman about his attraction to his servant , bob, then my claim to fame is that the wise woman's father in real life was supposedly the 'ghost' in our house.

It started even before I was born.  My parents purchased the house prior to their honeymoon and whilst away my grandparents decided it would be a nice surprise to decorate it for them.  My grandparents would put the lids back on the paint pots and place them neatly in a corner at the end of a day, only to return to find them hurled across the room the next morning.

Of course then the children were born, including myself, and strange things were experienced by us all.  It seemed to be centred upstairs and as kids we would draw the short straw as to who would run up there and grab the hot water bottles.  Well, fortunately I wasn't included in that as I am a lot younger then my siblings by over 7 years.

Wardrobe doors would open and close (one sister has a phobia of having old style wardrobes in her house), items would be moved and reappear later, disembodied eyes were reported by my sisters being seen in the corner of their room.  My mum was the only one to physically see him, waking up one night to find a man at the foot of her bed.  She described him as having prominent eyes.  On talking to a neighbour one day, the subject came up and the neighbour fetched a photograph of the old owner of our house who had died.  He did indeed have prominent eyes.  He apparently had Graves Disease that made them bulge, much like Marty Feldman.  That would explain the link to eyes no doubt. 

My earliest childhood memory was of being in my bedroom and hearing raspy breathing coming from in the room with me.... like somebody struggling to breathe.  My second is my brothers toy daleks starting up on their own after I had sneaked into his bedroom to play (he always had more exciting toys... what can I say!)

It turned out that the gentleman who owned the house, had been at the local pub one New Year's Eve.  He had been returning home when he suffered severe head injuries.  There was conjecture as to whether he was mugged or had been drunk and fallen over a wall.  Whichever it was, it appeared he still was attached to his house.  His wife sold it to us as she couldn't cope being there anymore.  She would sleep downstairs as if she went upstairs she said could feel him there. 

One thing I do remember though is after we moved down the back lane to a bigger house... I would walk an extra block to avoid this house when visiting my friend who lived 2 doors down from it.  That fear followed me into my 20's and included me having to sleep with lights on for many years.

So this is why I got into research, I wanted answers... but not at the expense of lying to myself as to what it was which is why when I do investigate and research I try and keep it on a rational level.  I am happy to find answers whether natural or not so easy to explain!

So that is my early ghost story.  Now I look forward to hearing some of yours  :D
Victoria / Beechworth Ghost Tours
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 07:21:20 AM »
Beechworth Ghost tours run several different tours, one of them being at the Mayday Hills Asylum.  Their website and contact details can be found at:
Equipment / The Ghost Box - Do you love it or hate it?
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 07:11:55 AM »
For those that know me well and know my more serious research side, they would know my own personal feelings on this little gadget.  I slammed it on my other forum at Paranormal Field Investigators as being a gimmick that should never be taken seriously or put out there as proof of the paranormal.  In fact I threw the gauntlet down and said we would trial it for a while and write our thoughts... totally meaning to debunk it.   That report still hasn't been written.  Why?  Because I can't deny that I have occasionally been left scratching my head on some of the responses that came out of it.  I will try and gather some of those together and put them up at some point for you.

So my thoughts on it now?  The researcher in me still deep down cannot take it too seriously and certainly couldn't put it out there as any type of evidence.   But, I can't deny as a tour guide, that I don't get a lot of fun out of allowing it to be used on the H.H. tours.  As stated before, the tours are not about getting hard evidence, they are about allowing people to experience what they see and hear from other groups and on TV for themselves.  They are about trying out all the equipment they do hear about and being allowed to make up their own minds on whether it is valid or not.   At the end of the day it  is also about having fun and an enjoyable evening.

So with that said.... for those who have come across the Ghost Box, what are your views on it?
General Ghost Tour Discussions / Should Children be allowed on Ghost Tours?
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 06:58:17 AM »
About 6 months ago I took 2 young children and their mother on a private, daytime ghost tour at the Tailem Town Village.  As usual there were those out there that jumped on that and made murmurings of how inappropriate it is to take children on Ghost Tours.  It led to me writing an article on it in response.  The article can be found here:

So what are your own views on children being allowed on ghost tours?
Introductions / Re: Aussie Ghost Buster
« Last post by Alison on February 08, 2012, 06:47:28 AM »
Hi Aussie Ghost Buster,

And welcome to the forum... at last... somebody to talk to here and not just myself  :P   Ahhhh the joys of a brand new forum lol.

It is always a delight to have you on our tours, and your help with our background research has been invaluable to us!  Aussie Ghost Buster is definitely an example of how how some people join us as customers but often become that little bit more and end up as friends.

Feel free to post away here.  Maybe let people know about what you exprienced that night on the Blood Red Moon night, which is the one you were talking about.  Although you did miss the one last weekend which would be up there with it lol.  I have a Haunted Horizons Tour section for such diary entries :) 

After that, I shall feel not so alone!
Introductions / Aussie Ghost Buster
« Last post by Aussie Ghost Buster on February 07, 2012, 09:11:28 PM »
Greetings all,

I am Aussie Ghost Buster or most of you may also know me personally as Mike Metcalfe.

My fascination for the weird and wonderful has been with me all my life but it wasn't until say 6 years that I took notice of some of the ghost hunting TV shows that were being screened and then realised "Hey! this is what i want to do".

My obsession with all things paranormal had begun and then I discovered and was introduced to a real life paranormal investigator who opperated right here in me home town of Adelaide, Alison.
Naturally from there on I went on some of The Haunted Horizons Tours and discoverd how much i loved it and so therefore made it my business to emerse myself into this Paranormal culture.

I have been on many Haunted Horizons Tours since and have had the fortune of experiencing some of the tours most harrowing and famous occurances. This has also lead me to build up my own Investigating equipment.

I also spend a lot of my free time reasearching the paranormal and the weird and wonderful world of Adelaide's darker history. this too has become a bit of a passion of mine. If only I could give up my day job and do this for a living, come on X-lotto  ;)

I now consider Alison and her team to be very good friends of mine and look forward to every opportunity to spend time with them on a tour.

Well thats a little about myself, feel free to look me up on facebook under

Special Events / Saint Cecilia Heritage Mansion - Special Tour
« Last post by Alison on February 06, 2012, 04:42:06 PM »
OCT 20TH 2012

This is a premium tour which includes: accommodation, 3 course dining, full English breakfast and a night of fun hunting for ghosts.

St Cecilia Mansion, a place long reputed to be haunted. Stories of people being touched, people waking to find a figure standing or sitting near their bed, footsteps and strange noises heard often appear in the visitors book.

So come with us on a tour around this magnificent home and spend a night in search of Bishop Norton (the original owner and architect of this mansion), Josephine and the little girl who is seen and heard there.

This is a premium tour which will include:

An introduction to the house and paranormal theories
A history/ghost tour of this mansion
A 3 course evening meal
A night of Ghost Hunting with use of H.H. equipment if needed
Coffee and Tea facilities at all times
A bed and shower (may be in a shared room)
A full cooked English Breakfast
A night of fun


Pumpkin or Tomato and Basil

Roast Spiced Pork
Traditional Roast Beef
Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Tarragon stuffing
Roast Potatoes in Rosemary, rock salt & Olive Oil
Silver Platters of fresh vegetables in season

Apricot Pie & Apple Pie
Creamed Bread and Butter Pudding
Servied with Ice Cream and Thickened Country Cream

Cost $180 per head for the night
Age 15+


This is already filling up fast so BOOK NOW!!

Watch more about the tour here:

Contact Alison on:

Tel: 0407715866

Please note for those that have cat allergies, there is a cat lives in part of this home. So medication will be needed.

Please also note, Adelaide's Haunted Horizons obviously cannot promise a 'ghost' on the night (the paranormal doesn't work like this sadly) but we can ensure you have a fantastic and enjoyable night!
Website/Forum News / Paranormal Adelaide Forum
« Last post by Alison on February 06, 2012, 10:01:14 AM »
For those who used to hit our 'forum' tab on Haunted Horizons, you would have in the past been taken to the Paranormal Adelaide forum.

This forum was set up for the research team Paranormal Field Investigators and is for the more serious side of the paranormal subject.  It was decided that Haunted Horizons needed a more relaxed type of forum that focused more on the tour side and stories with general paranormal included. Although I do own both, they are as different as chalk and cheese.

For those that still want to access the other forum, please feel free to follow this link and continue enjoying the site :)

or visit Paranormal Field Investigators at:
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