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EVP's / Adelaide Gaol Halloween Tour - Ghost Box
« Last post by Alison on February 06, 2012, 09:49:12 AM »
This isn't a true EVP but snippets from the Ghost Box.  I have an inner conflict when it comes to the Ghost Box.  As a researcher I slammed it as ludicrous and aimed to use it, debunk it and write an article on the findings.  I have yet to do this as without a doubt we have had some curious coincidences come out of the it.  But I am open still to this being just that... coincidences.  I will start another topic on the Ghost Box elsewhere on this forum and we can have a more in depth friendly discussion on it.

However, for now I will post this video as it shows how it works.  I make no apologies for posting it here in the Ghost Tour forum as these tours were never designed to be hardened research.  They are fun.  For this reason we get to play and try out the toys I would normally not use in research. I will put any results here for those that were on the tour or are interested in the subject.  :)

Are we claiming it is 'ghosts' communicating?  No we are not, we are merely putting them up here as a curiosity nothing more.

Haunted Horizons Tours / Tailem Town Ghost Tour
« Last post by Alison on February 06, 2012, 07:51:39 AM »
This tour really took us by surprise.  Although ghost stories had been filtering out of the village from time to time, especially from the Wolseley Church, we didn't expect it to be more then mostly history with a few experiences thrown in.  Nearly 2 years later the village still throws surprises at even us.

Peter, the owner believed that his mother is the one that could haunt the church as this was her favourite building.  In fact some of you may remember that Hamish and Andy went looking for her on their trip across Australia.  Then a child was reported being seen in the back room by members on our tour, to which at first I put down to imagination and a trick of torchlight.  However, the reports kept coming so again I thought we had another nice spirit maybe in the Church and he was nicknamed 'Harry' after a memorial window to a 10 year old boy in the Chuch.  Great... but still nothing like the Adelaide Gaol which  I had been conducting tours for nearly 8 years for.

The turning point for me came on the night I saw a tall dark figure of a man step into the church on one of our tours.  All of us heard him and two of us saw him.  Not concerned, I told the tour it was just my staff member, Ash, who had returned from seeing somebody out to the carpark with Anna.  Not hearing a reply from him, I quickly shone my torch to the rear of the church to find nobody was there.  When popping my head outside I could see Anna and Ash returning, although they were still at the other end of the village.  I have now seen this dark figure 4 times.  My team and staff will be the first to tell you... I don't see things!  In fact in the 10 years in the gaol, I had only ever glimpsed a misty form and a shadowy figure twice.  This village certainly had my attention!

Since this time we have had many things happen.  In fact statistically we have more things happen here then we ever did at the Gaol in the same period of time.  The rational, researcher side of me is finding it is getting harder to rationalise what is happening but at the same time finding the evolution of it very intriguing.  Yes, yes... you are ALL my guinea pigs when you enter the Village  :P 

We have had more people leave that Church in tears after people swear they have been prodded, poked, pinched or suddenly have emotional changes, then we have ever had at the Gaol.  In fact, in the 8 years of guiding at the Gaol I have never had anybody leave upset or in tears.  You would think if it was merely imagination then the Gaol would be the place for it to happen, after all it has a dark history of murders and suicides and I give the same upbeat tour in both. 

It certainly has me looking forward to each and every tour there, not only because in this time we have met some fantastic people, but because you feel the place has many surprises left to spring on us yet!
Welcome! / Welcome to the Haunted Horizons Forum
« Last post by Alison on February 05, 2012, 05:25:12 PM »
I would just like to welcome our guests, our members and hopefully our new members to be to our new forum.

This forum was set up so that we could share information, stories, photos etc without losing them over time, as happens on Facebook and other such networking media.

It was also set up so that we could have a more private, relaxing place to pop into from time to time, maybe with our coffee and share  or get anything off our chests.  Feel free to share your experiences (whether tour related or not), review a tour you went on, the equipment you have used or your thoughts on the paranormal in general. 

If you see a need for a new category, please feel free to message me and I will add it.  If you find any glitches at all... same... let me know.  I am still finding my way around this forum too lol.

The content maybe small at the moment, due to it being our first day of launch... hopefully you will be reading this in the future and be finding a wealth of chat here to join in with  :D

With that don't be shy and post away, I for one will enjoy meeting you and sharing stories.  Enjoy!

Ghost Tours You Have Been On / Edinburgh, UK - City of the Dead
« Last post by Alison on February 05, 2012, 05:04:34 PM »
Although I have been investigating and tour guiding for many years, I still enjoy going on Ghost Tours whenever I can when visiting new places.

One of the tours that really stuck out in my mind when overseas was the City of the Dead tour.  This was a hugely entertaining tour, with lively guides who have an immense sense of fun.  You career through the early history of Scotland before you head off to the highlight of the tour... Greyfriars Kirkyard where the MacKenzie Poltergeist waits those it apparently deems suitable to attack.  You are warned... "if you feel cold suddenly... don't tell me... you won't have time to get the words out... just MOVE!"  Apparently this is because many a person has passed out on the spot after feeling such a cold.  Strange scratches appear on people either then or the next morning.  My sister was one of them!

Although skeptical, she was still very much enjoying the tour and thought nothing of when she felt a prod in her back whilst in the Black Mausoleum.  She turned to find nobody standing behind her but thought nothing more of it...  going back to enjoying the tales being told.  It was the following morning that she showed me her shoulder.  There on skin it looked like 3 fingers with sharp nails had raked down it, leaving the skin open and very bruised.  It was a wound she would have felt had she done it herself.  She was taken aback as she had not believed in any of it.

More about this tour, the photos and an interview with the owner can be found on our other website at: 

This tour has become more of interest to me as our own tours at Tailem produced it's first scratching just last week.  We watched as the welts came up on the skin after somebody felt they had been scratched on the back.  It was certainly interesting to watch, whatever the cause.

I recommend if anybody is heading to Edinburgh in Scotland, don't miss this tour!
South Australia / Tailem Town Ghost Tours - Old Tailem Pioneer Village
« Last post by Alison on February 05, 2012, 04:48:48 PM »
Haunted Horizons run two different tours at Tailem Town:

A 2hr Ghost Tour, where you get to walk round extremely dark and very creepy streets of the village, stopping to visit some of the buildings along the way.  There is no electricity in this town, so our stroll is by torchlight only.  Our journey around the village finishes at the Old Wolseley Church, a building long reputed to be haunted and indeed we have had many unexplainable events happen on our tours.  Hopefully some of our guests will share their experiences here.  This tour has reduced some to tears in the past and is not for the feint hearted!

We also do a 4hr Paranormal Investigation Tour.  This still includes the 2hr tour but goes on to include refreshments, review of evidence and then an investigation into some of the most infamous of our buildings here in the village with equipment commonly seen on TV or in the investigation field.

Bookings are essential.  More information can be found at  our website www.adelaidehauntedhorizons emailing or by phoning 0407 715 866.
Introductions / G'day from the Admin of Haunted Horizons Forum
« Last post by Alison on February 05, 2012, 04:05:15 PM »
I thought I would be the first to introduce myself here on this 'clean slate' forum.  My name is Alison and I am the owner of Adelaide's Haunted Horizons.

I started Haunted Horizons, or H.H. as we fondly refer to it, in 2010 after deciding that I wanted to take my many years of tour guiding at the Adelaide Gaol that bit further.  Using this experience and over 20 years of paranormal research, I put together a formula that we thought would not only keep the tours and investigations 'real' but would also allow our customers to have a lot of fun with us too.  From the feedback and reviews we have been getting, I am proud to say we appear to have achieved this.

The most important aspect of the tours is the staff.  You can't achieve the above without people who just ooze personality!  I am happy to say our line up of guides have that easy going, fun side to them which always makes those tours that little bit special.

I also run a paranormal research group, Paranormal Field Investigators, which was set up in 2002.  We were lucky to get the Adelaide Gaol to investigate in 2002 and we have been the official researchers there for 10 years.  In fact it led to me authoring a book "Ghosts of the Past" which catalogue's our time spent there in an easy to read, adventure type story.

The other thing I am proud of is that I have managed to separate this serious research side from my entertainment side.   Haunted Horizons is about fun, it is where we relax the hardened research protocols and make no apologies about playing with some of the gadgets I would normally not use in my team but are seen on TV, such as the Ghost Box, dowsing rods as well as the more commonly used equipment.  These tours are a serious or relaxed as the customer wants them to be.

I wanted a forum that matched this attitude.  One where we could relax and just kick back with a coffee and discuss all manner of things ghostly, from tours, experiences to equipment used.  The forum can be as fun or as serious as you wish.  It is a forum for you! 

I look forward to chatting with you all here :)
Rules - Please Read / Do's and Don'ts before posting
« Last post by Alison on February 05, 2012, 08:31:49 AM »
This forum has been set up for those that love a good ghost story, ghost tour, owners of ghost tours, customers of ghost tours and of course any paranormal enthusiast both local and International.  It is designed so that we feel safe to share our views, stories and experiences, whatever they are, in a relaxed environment.  People often want to just share what they have and don't want our opinions.  If this is the case then please state this when posting photos or video and please people, respect their request.

Please remember, that to make this site enjoyable for all, we need people to stay polite and friendly so we can maintain an air of discussion and friendly debate rather then argument.  Everybody has a point of view so please be respectful or this.

Comments will be removed if deemed by us to be inappropriate or derogatory in anyway.

Please introduce yourself before posting.  Not only is it polite but it is great for others to know a little bit about you before they chat.

Lastly Enjoy!  I look forward to meeting and chatting with you here on our forum  :D
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