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Saint Cecilia Ghost Tour - Peterborough


Please note we will no longer be using Saint Cecilia's as a venue

We will no longer be using Saint Cecilia's as a venue for our Ghost Hunts as it has always been our quietest location, when it comes to paranormal activity.  We have decided to focus on our more active venues such as Adelaide Gaol, Z Ward, National Railway Museum, Tailem Town, and Adelaide Arcade.  We will continue to utilise Burra as a venue for all-night specials

Saint Cecilia's Mansion is still open for Murder, Mystery nights and can be booked in by contacting Saint Cecilia itself.


Formerly known as The Bishop's Palace, this magnificent mansion was built and completed in 1913 by Bishop John Henry Norton, Bishop to Port Augusta.  He not only built this masion but he was also the architect of it so it is not suprising that Bishop Norton was particularly attached to his home.  For this reason, after his death in 1923 at the age 67, it was thought that he remained there and still does to this day.

After his death his successor, Bishop Killain, refused to stay in this home and instead built another home just opposite.  The now empty building was instead handed over to Mary Mackillop's Sisters of Joseph so that it could be used as a convent and boarding school for girls.  The name was changed to St Joseph's Convent in 1926 and continued through as this until 1970.  In 1980 a Melbourne Artist, Annette Barrette Frankel bought this property and renamed it St Cecilia after her patron saint.  She gradually restored it and now uses it as a Heritage Hotel and also holds her own Murder, Mystery Nights there.


The haunted rumours started way back when Bishop Norton was still alive.  His housekeeper stated that she was too scared to work there, because of the ghost. The Bishop would scoff at this belief.  After Bishop Norton passed away, his successor took over.  Despite having stayed in this home many times before, after a short time of living here, he refused to live there any longer and built another Bishop's Palace across the road.

Since Annette opened it up as a Hotel, both guests and staff have experienced odd things.

St Cecilia came to the attention of Paranormal Field Investigators when Today/Tonight contacted them to see if they would help them on a story.  A local newspaper had reported that the owner was selling up but, anybody who wished to purchase this property would first have to stay the night to see if the Bishop approved.  Although the night didn't reveal anything startling, further investigations revealed some unusual happenings, not least the night that trigger objects on a table started to move.  More can be found on the P.F.I website.  However, future investigations and especially our all night tours there, failed to reveal much more activity.

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